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We can help you to produce quality industry-standard digital content that can be used on any electronic device.

Whether you are a publisher, non-publisher or self-published author, Cambridge Publishing Management can help you to create quality industry-standard digital content, which can be used on any electronic device including iPad, iPhone, iBook, Kindle, Nook and Kobo.

There is almost no limit to the interactivity that we can add to your e-book. However, unlike a printed book, what your product will look like to your readers is largely dependent on the reading device used, and is therefore much more than just a technical process.

We can help you to produce the following digital products.

  • Fixed ePub formats, including bookmarked PDFs
  • Reflowable e-book formats
  • Animated e-books
  • Page flip/turning digital publications
  • Web content
  • Online courses
  • Book apps
  • PDF editing
  • XML coding
  • Audiobooks

If you are thinking of converting a printed book to digital, it may require adaptation. We can help you to determine where and how to depart from the original to create content that suits your intended audience.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.