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Not-for-profits and Corporates

We provide a range of publishing services for non-publishing organisations that produce written content, either printed or digital, for a variety of audiences and platforms.


We work with many not-for-profit organisations, helping them to produce reports, policy briefs, magazines and other printed or digital material in a cost-effective way, to keep their stakeholders informed about their work.

Clients from the not-for-profit sector include Equality Now, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Cambridge Judge Business School, Cambridge University Mathematical Society, RSA, Chatham HouseTrust for London, Nuffield Foundation and UNESCO.

You can read some case studies here.


We have an extensive network of editors and proofreaders, with a wide range of subject specialisms, who can tackle reports, user guides, business plans, sales brochures and other corporate material on any subject. Our editorial team will ensure that your publication is flawless and looks professional.

Recent corporate clients include the software developer Geologix, the start-up ORTV and veterinary pharmaceutical developer OncoBioTek.


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