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Celebrating National Poetry Day

Homeless to poetry

by Vanessa Daly

We recently had an enquiry from Séamus Fox, a Cambridge based poet who having become homeless, is now part of the Emmaus community in Cambridge. Emmaus is a charity that supports people who have experienced homelessness by providing them with a home and meaningful work in a community setting.

For the last eight months Séamus has been travelling around the Emmaus communities in Great Britain, collecting stories and experiences of Companions while they were homeless, which he has turned into poems and will be published in a book of poems. The main aim of his book is to raise funds and raise awareness of the great work Emmaus does to support homelessness.

Seamus is now looking for a publisher for his inspirational book – any poetry publishers out there? You can contact Séamus at Emmaus Cambridge. To mark National Poetry Day, Seamus will be appearing on the Chris Mann’s drivetime show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire today (28th September) at 4pm. He’ll be reading live on air some of the poems from his book. Tune in to 95.7FM, 96FM and listen to his extraordinary story!

Here’s one of his very own poems, Fish & Chips:

I was hungry,
I was tired,
I was freezing.
I was waiting
for people to
put enough into
my plastic cup
so I could get
fish and chips.
Four lads walked
passed me, dressed
in material privilege,
drunkenly happy,
one was going to
put money into
my cup when his
friend said “Don’t
give them money,
they’ll just drink it.”
The lad hesitated
and he asked me
“Will you drink it?”
“I don’t drink!”
I told him
“I just want fish
and chips.”