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Job Description: Editorial Assistant

Purpose of role:

To assist members of the editorial department, while learning the skills of the trade on-the-job and eventually managing own projects under supervision.

Duties include:

Editorial work – collating client’s, author’s and proofreader’s marks on proofs; undertaking in-house copy-editing and proofreading on projects as required

Commissioning freelancers – sourcing freelancers with relevant skills for the diverse titles produced (including translators, copy-editors, designers, illustrators, proofreaders), agreeing deadlines, negotiating fees, ensuring freelancers are properly briefed and have all the necessary material, chasing work prior to agreed delivery dates, assessing work when it is delivered to ensure that it is complete and in accordance with the brief before passing to production; developing and maintaining good relationships with all freelancers

Liaising with clients – establishing excellent relations with clients, keeping them fully informed of progress, ensuring clients’ wishes are adhered to as the project develops

Liaising with in-house staff – developing good relationships with all in-house staff, knowing where each project is in the system at any given time, ensuring that work is placed appropriately in-house, completing all handover to production forms fully and accurately, liaising with production regarding completion dates for work

Monitoring schedules – ensuring that all deadlines are met, keeping Editorial Manager informed of any changes to schedules

Adhering to in-house budgets – maintaining all aspects of the budget for any project, monitoring costs throughout the duration of the project, informing the Editorial Manager of any budgetary problems, recording all details relevant to the accurate costing and invoicing of a project

Picture research – developing good relationships with picture agencies and photographers holding extensive stock libraries, negotiating fees, completing purchase orders ensuring correct rights and licences have been agreed

Quality control – checking all in-house work before it is sent out to clients, checking all outsourced work to ensure that it adheres to the guidelines given and meets the briefs; giving each project a final check to ensure that CPM standards have been maintained

Invoicing – preparing accurate invoices for projects for approval and signing off by the Managing Director

General administration – ensuring that all correspondence files are up to date and complete, archiving, keeping full proof records until a project is completed and the invoice settled; preparing case studies of completed projects for website and newsletter

Responsible to: Editorial Manager

Salary range: £16,000–£19,000

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